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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Associate in Science - Track 1, AS-T1 Planning Guide

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AS-T (Track 1): What is it?

Transferring with an AS-T Track 1

The AS-T degree transfers as a package to most baccalaureate colleges and universities in Washington state, satisfying most pre-major requirements and some general education courses for junior standing. In the AS-T you will take many science and math courses during your two years at Shoreline, and take most of your distribution requirements in humanities and social sciences after you transfer. Completing the AS-T degree will prepare you for the pathways listed below (for other science and engineering majors, see AS-T Track 2).


The AS-T degree requires a minimum of 90 quarter credits in courses numbered 100 or above and a cumulative college-level GPA of 2.0 or higher. Each individual course must have a minimum grade of 1.0. Students granted the degree are normally awarded junior status and in most cases will be able to complete their Bachelor’s in two additional years of full-time study. Completion of the AS-T degree does not guarantee admission.


Biological Sciences
Environmental Health
Environmental Sciences
Geology and Earth Sciences
Medical Technology
Oceanography and Marine Sciences
Veterinary Medicine

Where do I Start?

Talk with an advisor at Shoreline. Shoreline advisors can provide guidance about which courses to take and how to prepare for different majors.

Understand the AS-T Track 1 requirements. Review this Degree Planning Guide and make sure you understand what it takes to complete your degree at Shoreline. Note that many courses listed have pre-requisites, so be sure to consult the course catalog during planning.

Prepare for a major or pathway. Because you will enter as a junior, you will need to consider what major you would like to prepare for. Use Shoreline’s Major Preparation Sheets to learn more about different majors and which courses will prepare you for those majors.

Understand admissions requirements. School admission requirements, deadlines, and application details vary. Check the web site of your chosen school or schools and search for “Transfer admissions” to find their specific requirements. At many schools, you must apply to the school and then apply separately to the major.

Understand graduation requirements. All four-year programs have specific requirements to graduate and some schools require up to two years of a world language to graduate. Once you have decided upon a major or majors, visit the web site of the departments where you will be applying; contact advisors at the four-year school to learn more.

What do I need to take?

Below is a summary of the categories of required courses for the AS-T Track 1. In selecting your classes, consult your Major or Pathway Planning Sheet for recommendations related to pursuing a particular major or pathway. See below for available courses in each category.

General Education - 18-20 Credits

Communication (8-10 Credits)

Take ENGL& 101  and either ENGL& 102 , ENGL& 230 , or CMST& 101 .

Multicultural Understanding (5 Credits)

Select one of the following courses:

CMST 203 , CMST 285 , GWS 284 , HIST 245 , HUM 105 , MCS 105 PSYC 230 , SOC 270 .

Quantitative/Symbolic Reasoning (5 Credits)

Humanities and Social Sciences - 15 Credits

Select one course from the Humanities  course list, one course from the Social Sciences  course list, and a third course from either list.

Pre-Major Program - 55-57 Credits

Additional Math (10 Credits)

Take MATH& 152 , and either MATH& 163  or MATH 211 .

Science Sequence (15-16.5 Credits)

Select one of the following sequences. Sequences should not be broken up between institutions (for example, the three-quarter physics sequence should be taken entirely at Shoreline or entirely at another school).

Consult an advisor and your major or pathway planning sheet to choose.

Biology: BIOL& 211 , BIOL& 212 , BIOL& 213  

Algebra-based Physics: PHYS& 114 , PHYS& 115 , PHYS& 116  

Calculus-based Physics: PHYS& 221 , PHYS& 222 , PHYS& 223  

Major Sequence and/or Supporting Credits (10-15 Credits)

Sequences should not be broken up between institutions (for example, the three-quarter physics sequence should be taken entirely at Shoreline or entirely at another school).

Consult an advisor and your major or pathway planning sheet to choose.

CHEM& 241 /CHEM 271 , CHEM& 242 /CHEM 272 , CHEM& 243 /CHEM 273  

BIOL 100 or 200 level*

ENVS& 101 ENVS 202  

GEOL& 101 , GEOL& 115 , GEOL& 208  

GEOG 203 , GEOG 204  

MATH 207 , MATH 208 , MATH 211 *, MATH& 264  

OCEA& 101  

PHYS& 114 /PHYS& 115 /PHYS& 116 *

PHYS& 221 /PHYS& 222 /PHYS& 223 *

* If not already used as a science sequence or general education requirement.

Where can I Transfer?

The AS-T, Track 1 makes it possible for students to transfer to a number of public and private colleges and universities in the U.S. with junior standing. Washington state institutions that accept the AS-T Track 1 are listed below.

Public Institutions

Central Washington University
Eastern Washington University
The Evergreen State College
University of Washington
Washington State University
Western Washington University

Private Institutions

Bastyr University
City University
Cornish College of the Arts
Gonzaga University
Heritage College
Northwest University
Pacific Lutheran University
Saint Martin’s University
Seattle Pacific University
Seattle University
Trinity Lutheran College
Whitworth University

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