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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Transfer Degree Requirements

Courses that Meet Transfer Degree Requirements

This master list provides courses that can be used to fulfill requirements in Shoreline’s transfer and specialized degrees: AA-DTA (including MRPs); AS-T Track 1 and Track 2 (including MRPs); AFA; and AM. The number of credits required for each degree will vary, and some degrees specify certain courses that must be taken to fulfill requirements. Talk with an advisor or consult the information in this catalog and degree planning guides about requirements for each transfer degree. Credits for a specific course may be used only once and may not be applied toward more than one distribution area. Course numbers with an “&” are common course numbers with content that is consistent across Washington state community and technical colleges. (PDF list of courses which meet distribution requirements )

General Education Core Requirements 


Distribution Area Requirements




General Electives

Developmental courses and courses numbered below 100 may not be used. Electives may include any course listed in the distribution areas or listed below. A maximum of 15 credits from the Restricted Electives may be included and a maximum of 3 credits in Physical Education can be used to fulfill this requirement