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2018-2019 College Catalog 
2018-2019 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Dental Hygiene, AAAS Planning Guide

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Program Description:

The Dental Hygiene Associate in Applied Arts and Sciences degree is designed to prepare students for careers in the Dental industry. Shoreline Community College works closely with local advisory committees and industry professionals to ensure students receive the knowledge and skills currently in demand by employers in the field. Students interested in pursuing a four-year baccalaureate degree in Dentistry should follow the Associate in Science Transfer (AS-T)-Track 1 (Preparing for Dentistry) degree planning guide.

Program Advisor:

Maryrose Bellert
206-546-4709 dentalhygiene@shoreline.edu Rm 2519A

AAAS Degree (116 Credits)

Note: Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in this publication. However, the information is subject to change without notice and final career decisions are the responsibility of the student.

Program Information:

Length of Program: 116 Credits
Completion Award: A.A.A.S. Degree
Selective Enrollment: Students interested will find detailed information about prerequisites and the application process on the Dental Hygiene website.
Approximate Quarterly Costs: $150-$3000
(in addition to tuition, books and parking)
Website: www.shoreline.edu/dental

EPC 308

Program Prerequisites:

See Transfer Degree Requirements  for courses that meet General Education Requirements.

High School Diploma or G.E.D. and satisfactory completion of pre-requisite college coursework: ENGL& 101 , CMST& 101  or CMST& 220 , PSYC& 100 , BIOL& 211 , BIOL& 241 , BIOL& 242 , BIOL& 260 , CHEM& 121 , CHEM& 131 , NUTR& 101 , and General Education Requirements: Multicultural Understanding, Quantitative/Symbolic Reasoning, and Human Relations.

Dental Hygiene Core Requirements (First Year)

Dental Hygiene Core Requirements (Second Year)

Approval To Graduate

Student Name, SID and Date: ____________________________________________________

Faculty Advisor and Date: _______________________________________________________

Division Dean and Date: ________________________________________________________

Credential Approval and Date: ____________________________________________________

Dental Hygiene-What is it?

Dental Hygiene is a health profession with a primary focus on preventive care. Dental hygienists examine and clean teeth, take dental x rays, apply cavity prevention agents such as fluoride and sealants, place and finish fillings, administer local anesthetics and nitrous oxide sedation. They help patients develop and maintain habits which support good oral health. They show patients how to properly brush and floss their teeth and explain the importance of a healthy diet. Shoreline Community College offers one of the most respected dental hygiene programs in the state. Students begin learning dental hygiene skills in a laboratory setting and proceed to supervised clinical practice with patients. Classroom work emphasizes dental sciences. Students graduate from the program prepared to take the national, regional and state licensing examinations.

Program Outcomes:

Students who successfully complete this program -by obtaining a grade point average of 1.5 or better for each individual course- should be able to:

  1. Examine patients using appropriate screening procedures.
  2. Expose and develop radiographs.
  3. Remove calculus and plaque (hard and soft deposits) from teeth.
  4. Teach patients how to maintain healthy teeth and gums through proper oral hygiene.
  5. Counsel patients concerning the role of good nutrition in oral health maintenance.
  6. Apply cavity preventive agents such as fluoride and sealants.
  7. Make impressions of patients’ teeth for study models used in the evaluation of treatment options.
  8. Place and finish dental restorations (fillings.)
  9. Administer local anesthetic injections and nitrous oxide sedation.

Career Opportunities-What can I do with a Degree in Dental Hygiene?

Employment opportunities for dental hygienists are expected to grow much faster than the average occupational growth over the next decade. Employment opportunities include positions as a dental hygienist, public health or school hygienist, health educator, research assistant, teacher, sales representative.

Potential employers include: Graduates can be employed by private dental offices, public health facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, group homes, the military, as well as research and education facilities. Part-time and flexible schedules are often available. For more, please visit career information and resources at https://www.shoreline.edu/counseling-center/career-counseling.aspx.

Shoreline Community College

16101 Greenwood Ave N
Shoreline, WA 98133-5696

(206) 546-4101


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