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2018-2019 College Catalog 
2018-2019 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Creative Project Management, AAAS Planning Guide

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Program Description:

The Associate in Applied Arts and Sciences degree in Creative Project Management is designed to train students to work in the creative industry as a project manager. The degree plan balances course work to cover basic design principles and technical skills with an emphasis on production scheduling, management, estimating, entrepreneurship, communication, and marketing analytics.

Early advising is strongly recommended for this program.

Program Advisor:

Christine Shafner
206-546-7628 Rm 2174
Alan Yates (On Sabbatical Fall, Winter)
206-533-6771 Rm 2054
Claire Fant
206-533-6763 Rm 2024

For Program Information:
Mary Bonar
206-546-4671 Rm 2057

AAAS Degree (90-95 Credits)

Note: Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in this publication. However, the information is subject to change without notice and final career decisions are the responsibility of the student.

Program Information:

Length of Program: 90-95 Credits
Completion Award: A.A.A.S. Degree
Enrollment: Every Quarter
Approximate Quarterly Costs: $25-$85
(in addition to tuition, books and parking)

EPC 728

Program Prerequisites:

Students are required to maintain a final grade of 2.0 (75%) in each VCT or ART course in order to progress to the next class. If you receive a grade below 2.0, and you are taking a class as a requirement for this degree, you will be required to retake the class or pursue an advisor’s waiver.

General Education Requirements - 15-20 Credits

Communication Skills (5 Credits)

Choose either BTWRT 215  or ENGL& 101 .

Quantitative/Symbolic Reasoning (5 Credits)

Choose one of the following courses: BUS 102 , BUSTC 150 , MATH& 107 , MUSTC 106 .

Human Relations (2-5 Credits)

Choose either BUS 105  or CMST& 101 .

Multicultural Understanding (3-5 Credits)

Choose one of the following courses: CMST 203 , ART 105 , BUS 103 .

VCT Foundation Requirements (75 Credits)

Students are required to complete all classes to receive a degree.

Approval To Graduate

Student Name, SID and Date: ____________________________________________________

Faculty Advisor and Date: _______________________________________________________

Division Dean and Date: ________________________________________________________

Credential Approval and Date: ____________________________________________________

Visual Communications Technology Creative Project Management-What is it?

In a world where digital technologies are converging, professionals from different parts of the creative industry need to work together toward project solutions. Also, not every position in a creative business is directly “design-related.” Equally important skills in the industry include the ability to strategize, communicate and manage people, projects, budgets and time. The creative industry needs people to help strategize, visualize, and plan solutions, create and maintain production schedules and communicate with clients about their needs.

Program Outcomes:

Students who successfully complete this program-by achieving a GPA of 2.0 or better for the entire program-should be able to:

  1. Identify the basic components of marketing strategies such as identification of market segments, consumer buying behavior, product planning, and promotion of goods and services.
  2. Explain and apply advertising strategies for planning, producing and selecting the appropriate media.
  3. Demonstrate good sales skills: effectively interview clients, accurately gauge consumer needs, plan and deliver effect.
  4. Apply basic art elements in the development of visual communication concepts.
  5. Apply basic principles of graphic design in the selection and organization of images and text.
  6. Identify mechanical aspects related to development of production-ready art, printing and multimedia.
  7. Appropriately select production techniques for specific design projects, give sales presentations, and build customer goodwill.

Career Opportunities-What can I do with a Degree in Creative Project Management?

Graduates may find entry-level work in graphic design and production. Positions might include: Advertising Sales Representative, Marketing Account Representative, Public Relations and Promotions Staff, Fundraising and Development, Public Information Officer, Graphic Designer, Desktop Publisher, Printing Sales Representative, Marketing Manager.

Potential employers include: organizations and other businesses that use visual communication to sell or promote goods and services. For more, please visit career information and resources at

Shoreline Community College

16101 Greenwood Ave N
Shoreline, WA 98133-5696

(206) 546-4101

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