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2018-2019 College Catalog 
2018-2019 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Principles of Precision Machining Certificate of Completion Planning Guide

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Program Description:

The certificate in Principles of Precision Machining is a 40 credit, two-quarter course of study that provides students with entry-level manufacturing skills and a foundation to pursue other certificates and two-year degrees in other manufacturing specialty areas. The program uses the innovative I-BEST approach to instruction, so students learn math for manufacturing with extra help as needed. The certificate in Principles of Precision Machining builds on the nine Learning Outcomes listed below. Each Learning Outcome also represents an important component of the manufacturing industry, as identified by Washington State employers.

Program Advisor:

Keith Smith
206-546-6969 ksmith2@shoreline.edu Rm 2501F

Program Navigator:

206-533-6657 manufacturing@shoreline.edu Rm 2502A

Certificate of Completion (40 Credits)

Note: Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in this publication. However, the information is subject to change without notice and final career decisions are the responsibility of the student.

Program Information:

Length of Program: 40 Credits
Completion Award: Certificate of Completion
Enrollment: Every Quarter
Approximate Quarterly Costs: $300
(in addition to tuition, books and parking)
Website: www.shoreline.edu/cncmachinist/

EPC 6077

Program Prerequisites:

Placement into ENGL 080 , EAP 090 , or EAPAB 090 , and placement into MATH 070 .

Program Requirements (40 Credits)

Certificate Completion

Students should automatically receive their Certificate after successful completion of all required courses. If you have not received your Certificate, please contact Jenifer Aydelotte in the office of Student Learning and Success at jaydelotte@shoreline.edu or 206-546-4719.

Precision Machining-What is it?

This is a two quarter program which trains students for entry level positions as CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machinists. The skills and knowledge are taught using hands-on, practical techniques.

Program Outcomes:

Students who successfully complete this program -by achieving a grade of 2.0 or better for each individual course in the program-should be able to:

  1. Work effectively in a manufacturing environment.
  2. Use systems to support the manufacturing business to meet the needs of internal and external customers.
  3. Participate and contribute to the effectiveness of teams.
  4. Understand Statistical Process Control (SPC).
  5. Use fundamental skills in (writing, reading, math, speaking, listening and computing) to meet the needs of the workplace.
  6. Gather, interpret and use data consistently and accurately to make decisions and take action.
  7. Contribute to the maintenance of a safe and healthy work environment.
  8. Read blueprints.
  9. Demonstrate basic and precision measurement methods

Career Opportunities-What can I do with a Certificate in Principles of Precision Machining?

The certificate in Principles of Precision Machining is your key to starting and advancing your manufacturing career. Earning the certificate benefits you directly because it ‘certifies’ that you have mastered the core skills and knowledge that manufacturing employers want to see in any new applicant or current worker. Equally important, employers who endorse the certificate program give special consideration to new applicants and employees seeking promotions who have completed the certificate program.

Additional Employment Information: Certificate provides students the necessary tools to become proficient and continue into a variety of manufacturing fields. Graduates may find employment in local manufacturing companies working as assemblers, packaging operators, aircraft systems assemblers, and electronic assemblers. Entry-level salaries range between $1,565-$2,886/month for precision assemblers. Entry level salaries vary with each employer and individual skill level.

Shoreline Community College

16101 Greenwood Ave N
Shoreline, WA 98133-5696

(206) 546-4101


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